— Industrial chemistry
— Basic engineering
— Feasibility Study
— Development and scaling of formulations
— New Products formulation (R&D)
— Scale-Up of Technological Processes, from Laboratory samples to Industrial batches

Alexey Rusakov

— Oilfield service and petrochemical companies which require import substitution.

— For those who realize the necessity of organization of local manufacture for ensuring raw materials self-sufficiency.

— Oil & Gas Infustry: from wells to refineries & gas processing.

— When import substitution is needed.

— When own manufacturing is started to secure the core chemicals availability.
Target Audience:
Completed projects
Small chemical company which implemented high-temperature synthesis lines.

Spetsneftehim LLC has experience in development and production of oilfield chemistry reagents. In accordance with the Company’s strategy, it is possible to manufacture such reagents at our manufacturing site under the Customer’s trademark.
Spetsneftehim LLC
— Formulation of the terms of reference containing technological requirements to offers of main and auxiliary equipment arrangement.

— Calculation of technical feasibility.

— Development and scaling of formulations.

— Development and implementation of new technological lines from laboratory to commercial production.

— Recommendations of equipment suppliers, construction and installation services.

— Designer supervision of detailed and engineering development.

— Designer supervision of startup and commissioning works.

Basic engineering for chemical industry

Simplicity, precision and efficiency in decision-taking. Respect for business culture. Consideration of the interests of other participants of the process.
— In industrial chemistry production since 2010.
— Home-built production since 2014.
— Over 30,000 tons of chemical products  manufactured.
— Over 4,500 tons of chemical products synthesized.
— Over 20 chemical synthesis reactors built, 3 of them on my own home-site.
— Participation in the sale of 3 industrial facilities.
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